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Roof repairs are definitely specialized projects. Sometimes they be done by the handyman and homeowner. But qualified tradesmen will repair your roof quickly and thoroughly, so weigh this up if you are attempting the project yourself. Roofs protect you and the contents of your house from the weather, so repairs are vital.

If you’re employing someone else to repair your roof for you, only use a licensed roofer that you can trust, and use them again if needed. Licensed roof contractors will mostly offer a guarantee, so look at this as a benefit and take it up because it does ensure that the repair job was done correctly.

Roof Degeneration

Roofs can degenerate quickly as the result of a storm, or over time due to general age related factors. Neglected roofs are most prone to bad storm damage.

A big part of a roofing companies tasks are to view a lot of roofs often. They will find leaks that have come from neglect, especially from rusted gutters which are full of leaves and have disconnected from the down-pipes and water going everywhere but where it should. This consequently breeds other problems which encroach on neighbors creating a domino effect. Its not uncommon to be treating one problem for two different households especially in close inner city communities. It’s handy to be on a friendly basis with them!

So, clean out gutters yourself or get a roofer for a small price. While you’re at it, cut those overhanging branches. If roof problems still exist, be suspicious that the slope of the gutter is incorrect. Practicality and general knowledge of the laws of gravity are vital here!

Some Types of Roof Problems

Asbestos-cement is really an issue if it’s damaged so due vigilance is a must. For example do not remove any screws without safety wear and it’s probably best left to the roofer. Yet these roofs can be repaired quite successfully, which can be a relief if you are concerned about it.

Skylights are a bit of a bother when they leak, which they do when left too long without maintenance and periodic applications of sealant. Most roofing companies deal with these problems often and our best tip here is to use a good tradesman in the first place to install the skylight and ask them for advice on keeping them in the best condition. They too will eventually need replacing, but you will know when if you are on top of the repair.

Broken tiles can be the result of stepping where you shouldn’t, and metal roofs can be dented if you don’t follow the screw line so my tip is if you want to fix it yourself, educate yourself on the structure of the roof by getting on the net or reading about the anatomy of the roof structure.

Ridge capping covers the two faces of meeting tiles, and if this is loose it needs to be what is called “re-bedded and re-pointed”, again something to be conversant with if you have one of the most popular tiled roofs in Canada. This type of damage to tiled roofs can be hard to spot, but leaks will become apparent with a little bit of neglect.

Tile, metal and slate are the most common types of roofing in Vancouver, each with their own specific handling. Metal roofs for new homes have become more in-vogue, due to their ease of maintenance and sleek looks. But they are not immune to repair and will have their own degree or wear and tear.

Roof damage is inevitable as a roof is the most exposed part of a house and susceptible to some mighty elements that can come unexpectedly. So ideally build roof repair Vancouver into your budget with the rest of the house or even just have a plan worked out in case your roof is suddenly in need of repair.

Many homeowners may wonder how necessary it actually is to clean their gutters. Debris will clog your gutters and prevent water from passing. This backed up water can cause major damage to your roof above or your home below. Instead of being directed away from your house, water may begin to overflow onto your yard, foundation or into a window well, causing flooding and damage.

In the winter, icicles may form in these places and become a dangerous hazard to people or objects below. Also, if water is allowed to freeze and weigh down your gutters, over time the nails may work their way out of the fascia (the board between the gutters and the house). The gutters may become loose or even fall under the weight of the ice.

If the gutters or downspouts are clogged, the gutters ice up faster. Ice will start building up on the roof a lot sooner, potentially causing ice dams resulting in expensive repairs.

Cleaning your gutters regularly will make each cleaning a simple, easy job and prevent much more expensive and frustrating gutter problems.

When Do My Gutters Need to Be Cleaned?

Many people will agree that gutter maintenance is important, but they may not know when their gutters truly need to be cleaned. The typical times that gutters need to be cleaned are throughout the autumn season, when leaves fall from the trees, and in late spring or early summer when seeds, blossoms, fruit, etc. may fall from the trees. However, if you are seeing any signs of gutter problems, clean your gutters right away.

Safely Accessing Your Gutters

Before you begin the process of cleaning out your gutters, keep in mind that, typically, gutters are not very strong and they will not withstand your weight or aggressive cleaning tools. If gutters are treated as house pipes, problems will arise. Instead, be sure to keep your weight off of the gutters, and be as gentle as possible throughout the cleaning process.

A step ladder is easier and safer to use when cleaning gutters. Your gutters simply cannot support the weight of a person on a ladder. If your gutter fasteners are more than 2 feet apart, a ladder will put pressure on the material and dent the gutter. Be sure that your step ladder is on stable ground and don’t step above the second rung from the top. Also, regardless of the ladder you use, be aware of power lines and avoid them throughout the gutter cleaning process.

Gutter Cleaning Tools

Bring a bucket up the ladder and place it on your roof or hang it from your ladder. This bucket will eliminate a mess on the ground below. Also, grab a pair of waterproof gloves. You can also wear latex gloves under normal work gloves as an improvisation.

A safe, common gutter cleaning tool that most people will have on hand is a plastic gardening trowel. You can also cut a plastic milk jug at a 45 degree angle, following the demonstration in this quick Home Depot video:

Do not use sharp garden trowels or other tools when cleaning out your gutters, as they can dent and otherwise damage your gutter.

During the winter months, ice may be built up in certain spots because of debris or plugs. To safely remove this ice, lay heat tape inside your gutter and plug it in. As it warms, it will cut through the ice and make debris removal easy. This heat tape can be found at your local hardware store.

Cleaning Your Gutters

Use your preferred tool to clean out your clogged gutters by hand. If there is caked in dirt or debris, soak it with some water first to make removal easier on yourself and your gutters. However, it is usually easier to remove loose debris when it is dry. After you have removed the debris, spray the gutters with a garden hose to remove leftover dirt or debris.

Cleaning Your Downspout

If the water does not drain, your downspout is most likely clogged. Check the inlet, or top, of the downspout for a plug of debris, this is the most common place for debris to collect. It is usually quite easily removed by hand.

Clogs in the actual downspout are rare, but if you suspect you may have one, gutters are really easy to take apart. Different sections of the downspout are held together by a few, easily removable screws. Use a ¼” nut driver to back screw these to quickly take the downspout apart. Spray out each piece of your downspout before putting it back together.

Check Your Gutter Slope

Once you have ensured that the downspout is clear, put the garden hose at the opposite end of the gutter from the downspout. Turn on the water again and watch to see how it drains. If it still does not drain correctly, check the slope of your gutter. It should slope at ¼” for every 10 feet. If you have an inadequate gutter slope, contact a gutter technician that can adjust your gutters for you. To do this yourself, unscrew the fasteners from the fascia board, adjust the gutter to the right slope and screw them back into place.

If you would rather a gutter cleaning company handle this job then here is someone we recommend in the Vancouver area.

Reliable Roof Repair
(604) 670-0281
408 East Kent Ave S
Vancouver, BC V5X 2X7

Plumbing in the kitchen must be under control so you can have a worry-free experience there. If you follow certain tips to ensure that your kitchen plumbing is under control you’ll be fine, or you could call a plumber to fix the problems when they arise. Nevertheless, you should follow these useful tips to ensure a worry free kitchen. They are as follows:

The Kitchen Sink

First and foremost, you should have an efficient kitchen sink so that valve leaks would not occur. As we all know, the clogging of sinks can be unpleasant and disorderly, thus the more reason for you to choose well practical and efficient kitchen sinks. Well-made kitchen sinks from leading brands like Kohler or Whitehaus are very durable and effective and come in wide varieties that you can choose from. They also come in different sizes, designs and colour to fit your kitchen decor perfectly. A durable leak-free faucet and sink combination can save a lot of headaches and expenses down the road. If you are deciding on fixing or replacing your old kitchen sink, seriously consider getting a quality one even if they could cost 20% to 50% more upfront.

Drain Clogs

It is necessary that you know the causes as to why our kitchen sinks become clogged. Basically clogging of kitchen sinks are caused when food particles or crumbs pass through the drain and get stuck into the sink’s conduits which is located below the sink. So you must ensure that your food containers or pots that you wash in the sink do not contain bulky food bits that would get down to the drain and cause clogging. One way to prevent this is to throw away the food particles via the recycle bin so you would be ensured that no unclean solid particles can pass through the drain.

Some people use a drain cleaner to unclog their sink but this can only do that much to help. Another tip that you can embark upon is by using baking soda, preferably 1/2 cup and 1/2 cup of salt after which you pour hot water and leave for a day. By the next day, your sink would be unclogged and just like new.

If the clog in your kitchen sink is serious, that is, if it occurs over and over for no reason, then it is important that you call a plumber to see what the cause is. It may be because because there’s a blockage in the pipes. If this is the case and there’s a blockage too deep in your pipeline, then only a plumber can fix this.

Kitchen plumbing is essential for the convenience of all kitchens. It is imperative that you take good care of your kitchen sink to prevent those unpleasant clogging and you must ensure that your sink is fully equipped and functional at the same time. If you require a Vancouver plumbing service you can always try your directory or online web sites for licensed plumbers near your home to solve any problem that you may have concerning your kitchen sink today.

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