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When To Replace The Hot Water Tank

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Hot water tanks are one of the most neglected household devices in North American homes. We treat it like an afterthought until wintertime kicks in and then find our selves surprised with the alarm of frosty water. We only appreciate the worth of this equipment early on when the shower is too icy to bear. That is when you realize that you don’t know the way to fix a tankless hot water heater.

Ways to Prolong The Life Span of a Tankless Hot Water

Nearly all hot water heaters last about a decade, at which time you may expect to replace it soon. Many hardware stores carry hot water tanks and their equivalent if you know what to do with them that is. The duration of these tanks could be prolonged either with an insulation jacket or by making certain the calcium deposits in the tank are kept to a minimum. You need to follow either one or both strategies to ensure that it will last as long as can be.

Even though it makes logical sense that old hot water tanks have to be replaced once in a while, you may wonder if it is necessary to get it done before it pops a leak.

Exchanging The Water Heater Saves Money

Obviously, the most recognized reward of getting a new water heater can be cutting back on your utility fees. A new heater would, most likely, work better than any older model. However to maximize those cost savings, you will find a few things to think about, largely the number of people in your house.

A knowledgeable heating specialist will help you to calculate the volume and capacity of the new hot water tank based on the number of individuals in your family. After all, extra individuals means extra hot water.

Diverse Kinds of Hot Water Tanks

Typically, they are grouped into two kinds – natural gas and electric. Gas water heaters are frequently more expensive to buy and the electric ones could be nearly the same value initially, but mostly a little less to buy. Plenty of people opt for the typical water heater tank, but on demand hot water heaters are also gaining popularity, so you may choose to look at the second type of hot water heater.

Whether you prefer a electric or gas powered water heater, you can choose instant hot water with what is described as the on-demand water heater system. Or maybe you are more disposed to buy into green power you will find solar driven water heaters, which can cut emissions older hot water tanks are well-known for. Just remember the installation difficulties you’ll encounter with a solar heating unit, so be ready to pay those extra installation expenses.

Regardless of what type you select for a new water heater, it’s best to take a close look at hiring the services of a heating service for the work. A heating installation calls for technical know-how and an a better understanding of of local codes for ventilation and generally safe operation. If you are not trained in the art of installing a new hot water tank then look for a local heating service who can do it for you.

More Signs of Trouble

Don’t you just hate when you go outside and walk around your front steps and see cracks in the concrete and stone? One of the biggest problems is where the hand rail is mounted into the steps. This is the biggest culprit because most of the time the concrete is not filled to the top where the hand rail and steps meet.

Water Heater Repair

What happens is that water gets into the holes and when it gets cold it freezes. When water freezes it expands and cracks the steps. There is a real easy way to fix this problem even if part of the step has broken off. Go to your local hardware store and pick up Vinyl Concrete Patch. This product is very easy to use. It is a matter of adding water, mixing, and applying with a small putty knife.

If there are other cracks or holes, you can also use this product to fix them so no further damage will occur. By doing this yourself you will save yourself some money. If you are still not sure how it works, then when you go to the hardware store just ask someone in the store and they will be glad help you.

Another problem in the house is a hot water heater that is getting close to being 10 to 12 years old. For most hot water heaters 10 to 12 years is all they last. If you start seeing water on the floor this may be an indication that there is a problem coming your way. It may be as simple as a rusted tank. This is very common for a hot water heater. There are other signs of aging. If you start smelling rotten eggs or when the hot water heater is creating hot water you may hear something that sounds like it is rolling around inside the tank. Both of these are signs of a hot water heater nearing the end of its useful life.

If you spot any signs of problems, you should immediately replace your hot water heater to avoid any water damage.

I do have a couple other suggestions for you about your hot water tanks. For less than $15 you can buy what is called a watchdog water alarm. What this does is it sits at the base of your heater and warns you if a leak develops. I would only suggest using this if you do not have the funds to buy a new hot water heater. If the alarm does go off hopefully you can turn the water off before any major water damage occurs.

The second thing I suggest if you are installing a new hot water heater is to see if you can put a catch pan under the heater with a drain line that can go to the exterior of the house or to a sump pump. This way if your heater does leak, the pan will catch it and drain the water out. You can buy drain pans that cost under $10 at your local hardware store.

These tips that I have given you will help you and save you money. And saving money is what it is all about nowadays. There are a lot of things you can do yourself instead of calling a professional to come to your house and fix it for you which is costly. If you tackle a problem when you see it you would be surprised how easy it may be to fix it yourself.

Your house is a valuable investment that you have made so keep an eye out on those little things that need to be fixed and fix them as soon as possible. I hope these tips have helped you and keep an eye out because there are more on the way.

If you are investing in buying a residential property, a professional home inspection can help you to avoid costly water heater repair. During their examination they can spot problems and potential problems that may cost you a lot of money. Minor repairs are one thing but buying a house full of problems without knowing it can be devastating to the financial security and health of your family.

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